"in every painting I do, I endeavor to capture inspirational moments into timeless works of art."


outdoor sports artist Carrie Diaz.

Official Artist of the Boulder Sports Hall of Fame

Carrie Diaz Is an American Painter.  Renowned for conveying the spirit and passion of outdoor sports through her signature style, she is known for capturing specific moments of athletic drama, as well as using a variety of images to create inspirational sports collages.


Carrie creates one-of-a-kind original watercolor paintings and produces limited-edition prints for sale to the public.


Carrie is commissioned to create dramatic paintings and limited edition prints that are meaningful to her clients.  As inspiration, her clients provide pictures and/or video of significant moments in their athletic lives - or the lives of others.


As the Official Artist for the Boulder Sports Hall of Fame Carrie Diaz, is commissioned to paint the sports hall of fame inductees  most memorable sports moment.  This painting is then given to the athlete as their award as they are inducted into the Boulder Sports Hall of Fame.